“Sadou” Japanese Tea Ceremony

Some few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to join “Sadou” or “Chadou” (the kanji has two pronunciation), Japanese Tea Ceremony which held by KIT Tea Club (hope the name is correct). This was the first time for me. The tea ceremony was held after the Hirata sensei’s nihongo class. It was about 6 in the evening. Some other nihongo class students were also joint it.

The sadou room is across the nihongo class. It is traditional Japanese room. The interior is made from woods. The floor is covered with light brown (dark ivory like) color traditional japanese carpet called “tatami”.

At the time we enter the room, a student and sensei was doing the Sadou. The student was pouring water into the kettle. He pouring with certain gentle move. Sometimes, sensei commented to correct the his movement.  Then walked slowly, took another pitcher of water. He repeat poured water into the kettle.

After they finished, we were called to sit around the sensei. I sat nearest the Sensei. Sensei give some words in Japanese which I don’t understand. Afterward, sensei told us that one tatami is sitted (used) by three person. The distance from tatami also must be considered. It is 11 lines from the side line. That 11 lines is your private area, said sensei. And sensei, give another explanation in japanese……which as usual, I couldn’t understand.

Sadou Sensei

Then the tea ceremony is begin. First, some Tea Ceremony Club Students provide us with some traditional japanese cake. It is made from red bean (yes…I can eat it).  I serve the first because I sat nearest the sensei. After the cake was placed in front of me, Sensei told me to say “Oosakini” to the person in the left side after received the cake. Oosakini generally means, “I go first”. But, I didn’t eat it directly. We ate after all the people were served. The taste was delicious. We ate using small bamboo shapped knife to cut the cake.

After all people ate the cake, the students served the Matcha which already prepared. I said Oosakini to the left guy after received the tea. Then, I drank the matcha. The taste was bitter at the beginning, but become a little sweet after awhile.

Waiting to Drink Matcha

Drinking Matcha

After all the people finished drank the tea, sensei said that we are welcome to joint the Sadou which held every friday. It was 7 PM by the time Sadou finished.

I really enjoy the Sadou, famous Japanese tea ceremony. I hope can joint Chadou in another time.

Arigaotu Sadou Club,

Arigatou Sadou Sensei,

Matta ne

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One thought on ““Sadou” Japanese Tea Ceremony

  1. Anna

    beruntung sekali bisa ikut upacara minum teh, ritualnya sampai berapa lama?

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