Kun-On Reading Japanese Words

There are two type of kanji compound in a word:

1. Kun+Kun or On+On

This compound called 湯桶読み(よとうよみ, yotouyomi). According Hirata-sensei (my Japanese teacher), this type of compound is approximately 90% of Japanese word.

2. Kun+On or On+Kun

This compound called 重箱読み(じゅうばこよみ, jyuubakoyomi). This type of compound is approximately 10% of Japanese word.


Kun : means Kun-yomi (Japanese reading)
On : means On-yomi (Chinese reading)


Yutou-yomi: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B9%AF%E6%A1%B6%E8%AA%AD%E3%81%BF

Jyuubako-yomi: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%87%8D%E7%AE%B1%E8%AA%AD%E3%81%BF

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2 thoughts on “Kun-On Reading Japanese Words

  1. it means they the don’t like to mix two readings?

    • Andjas

      Yes they don’t like to mixed it.
      That is why jyuubako-yomi only around 10%.

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