MIMO Decoder

MIMO decoder, or sometimes called MIMO equalizer, detects or decodes or recovers the transmitted signals from multiple antenna which suffer interferencing due same frequency utilization.

The MIMO Decoder Classification is as follow:

1. Linear Decoder

  • Linear Zero-Forcing (or so called Linear ZF)
  • Linear MMSE (MMSE: minimum meas square error) (or so called Linear ZF)

2. Nonlinear Decoder

  • Successive Interference Cancellation ZF (SIC-ZF)
  • Successive Interference Cancellation MMSE (SIC-MMSE)
  • Ordered-SIC ZF (OSIC-ZF)
  • Ordered-SIC MMSE (OSIC-MMSE)
  • Maximum Likelihood Decoder (MLD) family
  • Lattice Reduction Algorithm (LRA)

Some decoder techniques  are able to reduce theirs complexity by combine with other techniques, such as linear algebra method. For example; QR Decomposition MLD (QRD-MLD), Sphere Detection MLD, etc.

They also able to combine each other, for example; LRA-ZF, LRA-LMMSE.

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