Bad Cheese: Do not trust foods in the fridge!

Yesterday, my wife cooked spaghetti for dinner. Almost ate half plate of it, she remind me to add some cheese. I forgot to add into my spaghetti. She took it a few second before. I put some of it into my spaghetti. In the middle chewing first spaghetti+cheese, my wife realize that there is mold or type fungus in the cheese. In addition, the spaghetti and cheese inside my mouth taste strange. Immediately, I thrown it up.

Although almost the bad cheese were thrown up, I still got the bad effect next morning. I got stomachache in which there are no need to explain the detail.

We were surprise that the cheese become spoiled. We always put that cheese in fridge. Up to this moment, we are not sure why the cheese get spoiled. We only could guess the reason of it. I think the high temperature and humid air in Japan lately also contribute to this matter.

The lesson that I could take from this experience are:

  1. Always check carefully before eat cheese, event if you always put in the fridge.
  2. Wrap the cheese properly (close tight the plastic cover). In my case, there is a chance that we did not close tight the plastic cover. Thus, outside air can enter the plastic cover.
  3. Putting the cheese inside air tight plastic bag is advised.
  4. Do not trust foods in the fridge!
  5. Do not trust foods in the fridge!
  6. Again, Do not trust foods in the fridge!
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