Be Careful in Writing Email Subject

Three days ago, my Gmail received an important email with subject “Mac” (MAC, Medium Access Control) from dearest boss to be. However, my Gmail treat it as a spam. Perhaps, the subject is coincident with name of “Mac”, electronics brand for Laptop or PC from Job’s company, Apple. So, how I know that there is non-spam email in spam mail box?

Well, actually this is not the first time. Few days prior, I was waiting email from Hendi, a friends from undergrad in ITB. The email subject is “Brosur xxxx …… “He sent it twice and both of them are recognized as spam. I would have never realized it if he did not tell my to check my spam mailbox. It’s true, those two emails are, indeed, in spam box. It seems the Gmail recognized as spam due to its

Lesson from this real story:

  1. BE CAREFUL IN WRITING EMAIL SUBJECT. Choose subject that allows email server presume it as spam.
  2. Check your spam box when you have time, PERIODICALLY.
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