Win 10 WiFi Connection Problem: Intel Wireless N-7260

This is first my blog post after quite a while… in years I think!

Last week I got this WiFi problem on my Lenovo ThinkPad E440 with Windows 10 OS. The WiFi could not connected to the access point. This problem occurs abruptly. Previously, it work fine.

The WiFi connection problems is not new thing for me when using windows OS. Usually, they occur when you do not restart it (using hibernate/sleep mode). So, as experience though me, I do these classic troubleshoot:

  • Disable WiFi using keyboard hotkey, then enable it
  • Enabling airplane mode
  • Restarting Windows
  • Disable the WiFi hardware, then enable it
  • Removing the SSID, then create new connection

However, those troubleshoot do not have any effect. The problem keep taking place on my laptop.

So, I have some hypothesis the problem perhaps on the Hardware driver. So, I tried to get the driver from Lenovo Driver Download site. But, the driver for my laptop do not available for the OS version (Win10). This reality upset me, because I quite admire Lenovo work for their laptop support. And I regularly, keep my laptop driver updated using Lenovo System Update.

Then I take a peek on the driver version, My Computers > [right click] > manage
The driver version date is around May/April 2015, not that old on my first impression. It being written provide by Microsoft, not Intel.

Then, I tried to update it using “Update Driver” button.

I’m surprised that my WiFi driver is somehow out of date. There is new driver found and installed. As depict by this picture below.

Intel N7260 driver.png

Then, I tried to connecting to a SSID…. voila, My Laptop WiFi connected. I tried for several SSID available on my office, and it connected without any problem.

So, this troubleshooting give me new solution relate this kind of problem.

Problem SOLVED!

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