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How To Add Samsung Galaxy SDK Add-on and Samsung Galaxy Emulator Into Eclipse

Here was the problem, despite Samsung Galaxy is the largest Android based device, Eclipse by the default did not included it as option on his emulator in AVD Manager. Hence, I could not add this device as emulator device. The problem is that Samsung SDK is not available as default SDK Add-on in Eclipse. Here you could see the snapshot of Eclipse’s SDK Manager. As you can see, Samsung Galaxy is nowhere to be found.

After some googling, some suggest to add Samsung Galaxy’s SDK repository address manually. Open “User Defined Sites” tab, then, click “new” and paste address “” as shown in the figure.
However, SDK Manager seems could not parse let alone to be parsed. See snapshot below.
I don’t know what the problem is, but looks like the process stop in fetching.
So, again I googled another way to do it.
It was in one of Samsung Developer’s web page (
As instructed, I download the file, extract, and copy into Android SDK Add-on directory. In case of my PC (Win7), the directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\add-ons\
And voila, Samsung Galaxy SDK and Emulator is available.
Hope this help whoever is needed.
I welcome for any critics or comments.
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